Art for me is a chance to play, investigate, process, and absorb.  Recent work touches upon my personal memory and history— upon recollection, what has my brain collaged?  This is my artistic attempt to take powerful sensations and experiences and remove them from their airy state in my mind and transform them into physical entities.  I approach each piece with a set of motifs and symbols, a play of materials, and my own visual history.  This is mostly grounded in some form of a landscape, one that is surreal yet familiar.  I create with the intent to envelop myself in a specific moment, experience, or person.  This work is deeply personal and is my attempt to understand and process what goes on in my head.

Grace Porter is a visual artist from and based in Memphis, TN. Porter has exhibited regionally since receiving her B.A. in Art from Rhodes College in 2015. She has had various jobs in the Memphis arts community, including assisting Anna Wunderlich Art Consultation and studio assistant jobs with local artists Erin Harmon, Maysey Craddock, Ben Butler, Suzanne Henley, and Betsy Brackin.  She has also had numerous experiences in art education, such as assisting at Flicker Street Studio and a Teaching Assistant position at Memphis College of Art’s Summer Art Camp.  Porter spent two summers in Southern California working as a Youth Counselor at Idyllwild Arts Summer Program.  She worked as a pre-school teacher at the Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center at Temple Israel as well. Currently, Porter is Store Manager at The Art Project, an open art studio for children where art-making and creative experimentation is welcomed in a non-class structured environment.